Deckhand to Captain

Deck crew are responsible for the day-to-day operations of running a yacht and maintaining the exterior of the yacht.

Responsibilities will include maintaining the exterior of a vessel to a high standard. You may be required to stand helm, security or engine room watches and may be involved with small boat handling. You must be capable to conduct fire, man over board, or other drills as the captains sees fit and necessary. Carries out orders from the first mate and/or captain.
Qualifications needed: STCW
Preferred courses/experience: Powerboat Level 2, VHF Radio, Yachtmaster Offshore 200gt

Responsibilities will include cleaning and basic maintenance of all the tenders, wind surf, diving gear and water toys. Also responsible for the mooring lines, marlin spike techniques and splicing. Must list and order cleaning products and maintain deck log according to the mate. Carries out orders from first mate and/or captain.
Qualifications needed: STCW, Yachtmaster Offshore
Preferred courses/experience: Officer of the Watch (OOW); only deckhand experience may be needed for smaller yachts

Responsibilities will include carrying out captain's orders, assisting in navigation and is responsible for the total exterior of the yacht. Implements security/port-of-entry paperwork procedures and has knowledge of the International Safety Management (ISM) and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) codes. Sets an example of work style, cleanliness and neatness for all the crew to follow and maintains guest relations. Plans each day's work to achieve the most accomplishment from each deck crewmember. Acts as the second in command when the captain is off the boat and so must be ready to take charge of all jobs and the responsibility of these jobs.

Carries out orders from the captain.
Qualifications needed: Chief Mate 3,000gt, Master 3,000gt, Master Unlimited (for yachts where chief officer may need to step in for captain)

Responsibilities will include handling the yacht, and is in charge of the safe operation of the yacht, yacht administration, management of crew and personnel, accounting and budget management, and may act as refit supervisor. The captain is also in charge of required licenses. The captain is the top level of this career path, and as such will report only to the owner or owner's representative.
Qualifications needed: Yachtmaster Offshore 200gt, Master 500gt, Master 3000gt, Master Unlimited or USCG equivalent
Having qualifications as a dive instructor, fitness instructor, watersports instructor, and/or masseuse will also be an advantage and some larger yachts may employ someone specifically for each role.